Aven Bridge

Pont Aven, the birthplace of the Impressionists, made famous by Gauguin. Known, too, for its famous and excellent galettes. Just 30 km from the campsite, the village is crossed by the river Aven, inviting you to discover its beautiful landscapes and rich history. As the birthplace of the Impressionists, you’ll find many art galleries to delight you. Pont aven is the union of painting and Brittany.

What to see and do in Pont Aven

Well-known as the origin of the artistic movement founded in 1886 and known as the “Pont-Aven School”, the village has retained its artistic character and the charming landscapes that inspired Paul Gauguin. The artistic side of Pont Aven can be seen in its many art galleries and exhibition spaces, in the Musée de Pont Aven with its 850 works of art, and in the village’s landscapes. As you stroll through Pont-Aven, you can also discover the route dedicated to the 14 old mills that once stood here.

Le Bois d’amour

The next step in your visit to Pont-Aven is a stroll along the banks of the river Aven to Le Bois d’Amour. With its bucolic, poetic setting, it’s hardly surprising that Bois d’amour has inspired artists to practice their art. Located just a stone’s throw from the town center, discover Pont-Aven’s most famous land mark!

La Chapelle de Trémalo

As charming as it is surprising, the chapel of Trémalo and its unusual architecture will delight lovers of old stones. Visits are free and open all year round.

Guided tours of Pont-Aven

Several guided tours are available on site to discover the heritage of this unusual village. In July and August, tours can be booked on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 11am. Visitors can also enjoy a guided cruise on the Aven river.

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