The Glénan archipelago

TheGlénan archipelago, anchored 10 nautical miles off the mouth of the Odet, visible from the Pont de Cornouaille at low tide, is considered a “Little Paradise” thanks to its dreamy landscapes. It is made up of eight main islands and numerous islets and reefs organized in a circle around an inland sea called “La Chambre”. Le Helles campsite near Bénodet takes you on a discovery tour of this jewel of South Finistère.

Discover the Glénan islands

Often compared to Tahiti, the Glénan archipelago is undoubtedly a stopover not to be missed during a camping holiday in the Pays Bigouden. Long ago, the archipelago was a single island, but today it’s a lovely getaway near Bénodet and Sainte-Marine. One of the attractions of this archipelago is the whiteness of its beaches and the transparency of its waters, which transport you to other latitudes. You can get your first glimpse of the island from a boat trip that takes in the islands of Saint Nicolas, Drénnec, Bananec, Cigogne… Once you’ve disembarked the boat, you can walk around the island of Saint-Nicolas on the footpaths that take you around the island (30 minutes). Listed as a Natura 2000 reserve, you’ll find just two restaurants (Les Viviers and La Boucane) and nature as far as the eye can see. You can also rent a kayak and explore the seabed on a snorkeling trip.

How to reach the Glénan archipelago?

From Kermor beach near our campsite near Bénodet, Le Helles***, or via the “Vedettes de l’Odet”, it will take you just over an hour to reach this idyllic haven and enjoy the superb seabed. So, from our campsite in Combrit Sainte Marine, you can opt for a cruise from Bénodet (just opposite) or take an excursion to Loctudy to reach the pier. From April to September, you can play Robinson at Les Glénan – you won’t regret it.

To make sure you don’t miss out on your visit to the Glénan archipelago, we strongly recommend booking at least 48 hours in advance.

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