Le Guilvinec

The port of Guilvinec, France’s largest artisanal fishing port, offers a choice stopover near Sainte-Marine. Indeed, it’s in the capital of langoustine that you can discover the world of fishing. Just 20 km from the Sainte Marine campsite, Le Helles, Le Guilvinec remains the heart of French traditional fishing. The docks are a constant source of entertainment. Qaunt to the city center, it offers direct access to the port and a wide range of shops.

Le Guilvinec is a town in the Finistère department in France. It’s a city where jobs are essentially based around the sea . It’s hardly surprising, then, that it’s now regarded as France’s France’s leading artisanal fishing port.

Guilvinec’s heritage

Throughout its history, Guilvinec has accumulated a large number of interesting tourist attractions. From architectural and archaeological sites to natural wonders, the town has a rich heritage, including the Sainte-Anne church, the sailor’s shelter, the boat cemetery, the yellow strike beach and more. Finally, there’s the 3-star Le Helles campsite in Bénodet, 24 km from Guilvinec. Ideal for families, the inexpensive Helles also offers direct access to Sainte-Marine beach, as well as many other activities.

What to do during your visit to Guilvinec?

Le Guilvinec may not be a big town, but one thing’s for sure: it offers a wide range of activities for your camping holiday in South Finistère.

First of all, visitors can enjoy a pleasant stroll along the quays. What’s more, when the boats arrive and disembark, they put on an unforgettable show that’s a must-see.

You can also immerse yourself in the city’s maritime activities aboard a trawler for a day at sea. Alternatively, pleasure boats are also available for simple cruises. You can also learn to fish by foot on the foreshore and discover the local cuisine based on seafood products. It’s also possible to take walks and hikes along the Patrimoine et Histoire (Heritage and History) trails, which will tell you more about the history of Guilvinec. What’s more, if you’re looking for a quiet, soothing spot, thePointe de Men Meuris ideal for fresh air or relaxing activities.

Last but not least, the family beaches offer plenty of things to do with the whole family on vacation in Finistère. Discovering the city in winter or visiting its traditional market are other options available to you in this city.

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