Located on the southern tip of Brittany, facing the Atlantic Ocean, on the banks of the Odet river, Bénodet is a destination with many assets. With its rich cultural and natural heritage, this seaside resort in south Finistère has plenty to charm visitors on a camping holiday in Bénodet.

Discover South Finistère during a stay at Bénodet campsite

A camping holiday in Bénodet or Combrit Ste-Marine, located on the opposite shore, is ideal for discovering the history of this seaside resort, as well as exploring its natural and cultural assets!

Dive into the history of Bénodet

Bénodet is a small town with a unique history. Originally, the town was called Perguet, a rural commune close to the county town of Fouesnant. In fact, Benn Odet means “head of the Odet” in Breton. Throughout the Middle Ages, Bénodet served as Quimper’s commercial outport, exporting goods such as grain, wine, cloth, wood and fish to Bordeaux, Spain, England and the Netherlands.

Perguet subsequently became Bénodet in 1878, when it was already attracting the first tourists who came to enjoy the seaside resort. However, Bénodet’s boom really began in the early 20ᵉ century, with a wealthy population enjoying the pleasures of vacations in the heart of Finistère‘s villas, castles, manors and seaside. Since then, the town has undergone many changes to adapt to tourism, while retaining the charm of its heritage and lifestyle.

Visitors can delve deep into the past life of the seaside resort. Visit the Musée du bord de mer in Bénodet, where you can retrace the history of the town and its development as a tourist destination.

Visit Bénodet, a renowned seaside resort

A renowned seaside resort, Bénodet boasts no less than 26 km of beaches to delight young and old alike. It’s also the ideal starting point for many activities in South Finistère, with family or friends. This town, situated between land and sea, offers a multitude of possibilities: the marina, the beaches (including the Letty beach), cruises, walks along the Odet, water sports, the casino, thalassotherapy, and more.

Things to do in Bénodet, South Finistère

The Glénan archipelago

Staying at a campsite near Bénodet is also an opportunity to visit the superb Glénan archipelago. From April to September, boats depart from Bénodet to Saint-Nicolas, the main island. Available for a day trip, this excursion idea is a real eye-opener, with its heavenly landscapes and turquoise waters.

Water sports enthusiasts can also take advantage of the archipelago’s world-renowned International Diving Center and Nautical Center.

If you prefer hiking, there’s a wooden path that takes you around 1 km of Ile Saint-Nicolas, so you don’t miss a thing of this enchanting setting overlooking the sea and the Breton coast. Finally, to complete this enchanted, postcard-like interlude, day-trippers can discover pretty, white, odorless flowers, 15 to 40 centimeters high: the Narcisse des Glénan.

The Sailor’s Shelter

Want to get off the beaten track during your camping holiday in Bénodet? Discover the sailor shelters created by ethnologist Jacques de Thézac. A keen sailor, he gradually became aware of the misery of the fishermen and decided to help improve their living conditions by fighting alcoholism and providing them with something to relax on. So, in 1900, he designed shelters for sailors. Twelve Marin shelters will be built (eleven in South Finistère ports and one in North Finistère). Three more shelters will follow. Today, these buildings can be visited and bear witness to the life of sailors in the early 20ᵉ century.

Pyramid lighthouse

Built in 1872 and overlooking the bay, this lighthouse is one of the resort’s landmarks. 48 meters high, the lighthouse takes its name from a stone pyramid, used in alignment with a rooster-shaped rock.

The cockerel lighthouse

Situated at the mouth of the Odet river, it owes its name to a rock that stood nearby until the late 60s, and whose side view was reminiscent of a rooster. Today, the rock has disappeared, but you can still take the time to admire the lighthouse on a stroll along the estuary’s corniche.

Hiking in Bénodet: L’Anse du petit moulin

Are you a hiking enthusiast? You can enjoy a walk along the Anse du petit moulin to experience the rhythm of the tides and local wildlife (birds, etc.).

Bénodet campsite: stay at the Helles*** campsite

Certainly the most famous seaside resort on the south Finistère coast, Bénodet is the center of the Breton Riviera. From Le Helles campsite opposite Bénodet, you can easily get there on foot, by taking the “Le Pussou” ferry (400 m away), which crosses the Odet between Sainte-Marine and Bénodet. Located 4 km from Le Hellès campsite, the seaside resort is also accessible by road.

You’ve decided to go on vacation to a campsite near Bénodet. Le Helles campsite and its team will be delighted to welcome you for moments of conviviality and relaxation. You’ll enjoy a wide choice of mobile homes andpitches at this 3-star Combrit campsite. You’ll have direct access to the sandy beach via a footpath linking it to the campsite.

Summer events in Bénodet

Monday mornings are market day, and every Tuesday there are pétanque tournaments.

Every Friday evening as part of “L’Été en Fête”, the site of the Butte du Fort welcomes traditional, national and international musicians, and the atmosphere is always great. Sailing, kayaking, golf, tennis, horse-riding, hiking… Sports enthusiasts of all ages can have a great time.

Every year on May 1ᵉʳ, the ObelixTrohy brings you its fiercely contested regattas in the bay. In addition to its permanent exhibition, the Musée du Bord de Mer presents a new exhibition every season.

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